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The syntechnics GmbH is registered in trade register of Amtsgerichtes Oldenburg with number HRB 1256. The VAT identification number is DE 219 978 349. The company is represented by Arnim, Davin and Dustin Homeyer. Dustin Homeyer is responsible for this content.

Site policy:

The syntechnics GmbH provides the information services presented here on the basis of these general Conditions.

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2. Permitted use
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3. Links to the websites of syntechnics GmbH
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 Links not conforming to these rules must be approved by syntechnics GmbH prior to being set. Syntechnics GmbH reserves itself the right to forbid the setting of links despite adherence to the regulation obligation.

4. Secure sending of e-mails to the syntechnics GmbH
If you wish to send an e-mail to syntechnics GmbH via your private e-mail account, please note that, due to the technical structures of the Internet, you will have to arrange for your own safety measures to warrant the confidentiality and integrity of the e-mail contents.