Construction and visualization

Starting with the basic design the further way of how to produce a certain component is already defined. On one hand the design, the materials and the technology have to be harmonized. On the other hand the economical optimum for the project shall be achieved. 
Significant at that phase of development is a state of the art 3D-CAD system which allows realizing a material and production optimized design as well as data exchange of most CAD-formats and files.
For this reason we use Catia V5 and some small, concerted tools. By this we are able to open almost every customer format.

Computer simulations especially on larger scale projects give photo realistic views to help communicate the intention. Other than by technical drawings all involved parties can get an idea of the final shape or assembly. Consequently coordination can be improved and accelerated within your company as well as with us.

Moreover you are able to present new products to the public at an early stage. Through press release, brochures or via internet presentation photo realistic pictures give an idea to everyone about your new or enhanced product.