We support you from your idea until the concept is finished. The success of your project depends on a competent, extensive and complete analysis of the given task. Only by definition of all parameters, interfaces and a clear description of the goal, the final product will fulfill all expectations and its duty.

We can support you at the early stage of your project as to which materials are suitable for your application. To us an open and creative technical advice and a long lasting cooperation with our customers is more important than obtaining a quick order.

Examples of our work:
- development of a fiber composite transport ladle for aluminum casting (800°C)
- development of noise protection for big sonic sources
- development of medical devices (magnetic resonance therapy devices)
- conception of a insulation system for continuous-flow machines (600°C)
- development of a non-arcing coupling protection for an EX-turbocompressor
- development of a thermal shield sheet for gas turbines (600°C)
- development of a pneumatic locking concept for the conservation of gas turbines
- development of a climbing robot for for inspection of big concrete constructions