Medical technology

In medical diagnosis mostly X-rays and magnetic fields are used. No matter whether in the form of X-ray images or fluoroscopy – the components like X-ray tabletops for PET scanners, CTs, cardio and bucky devices must to have a high-strength. At the same time they need to absorb as few X-rays as possible. The laminates have to be without skips. Every pore is visible on the X-ray image and makes the diagnosis more difficult.

For example we manufacture high-strength X-ray tabletops that can be burdened with more than 1200 kg. Moreover they provide minimal X-ray absorption and fulfil the high quality requirements of a market-leading supplier. We also deliver X-ray tabletops in visible carbon optics. Furthermore we also produce components for MRTs (magnetic resonance tomographs). In contrast to X-ray detectors no magnetic material can be used here.