Ship and yacht building

Mega yachts are a synonym for luxury, individuality and highest engineering skills. The shipyards have to find a balance between the owner´s request on the one hand and flag, class and natural laws on the other hand. We support shipyards all over the world in the construction of mega yachts and produce turnkey radar masts, outdoor furniture, flaps, lids and other exterior components out of GRP and CRP, mostly as sandwich laminates.

Thereby we take over the complete planning, construction, design and production up to a lacquer-finish in yacht quality. Low weight, highest quality and schedule reliability are attributes of our work.

We make it possible for owners, designers and shipyards to realize complex geometries in the interior area. Our materials are certified and are classified as incombustible according to IMO 2010 FTP Code Teil 1. Because of this we can implement curved ceilings, organic walls and other design features in compliance with the strict fire safety regulations.