Boat building

We produce models for boat building for small, exclusive, big and renowned companies in whole Europe. From small models for rudder, keel, keel bulb over foundry models for keels out of lead or steal, up to complete models inclusive hull, deck, scuttles etc. we are building models out of various materials and different surface qualities.

The dispensing system which we use is characterized by a high degree of gloss and a perfect styrene resistance. To avoid complications during the following mould making, we gladly visit you and examine the surface quality you require.

Adherence to schedules is as self-evident for us as an open and transparent project communication. Interim and final acceptances are planed with a long timeframe. Special wishes like the bonding with structure-foil or special wheel receivers at the substructure are implemented quickly and straightforwardly by us. Of course the models leave our factory halls professionally packaged and well secured and are sent by a reliable forwarder.