Yachtmodelle aus lackiertem Hartschaum für Forschungszwecke

Yachtmodelle aus lackiertem Hartschaum für Forschungszwecke

CNC-Modellbau eines Schiffspropellers

CNC-gefräste Wabenstruktur für Versuchszwecke


To conduct research, models are used to test simulation results and theories of functioning. Typical examples are experiments with flow in wind channels or towing tanks. Moreover our models are also used to carry out research in low- and high-temperature applications, in strength theory and in medical engineering.

The challenge at this point is that the properties of the model have to conform with those of the later end product, although in serial production other manufacturing methods and materials are used.

Despite our various abilities in the workmanship of many different materials, your project will also profit from our knowhow in dielectricity, temperature behavior, chemical resistance, strength et cetera.