Special Solutions

Some problems require special attention and cannot be described in a few word. We are open to any kind of technical challenge even if that is not part of our standard repertoire. Maybe the following project references inspire you:

Lufthansa travel kiosk

Waking travel bug. This is the declared goal of this advertising idea which brings people all around the world via livestream. Our job was to implement the design and the technical conception and to execute the construction. Besides we built and painted the housing.

Nissan eMiles

The biggest worry of car buyers about the change to electric mobility is to break down without the possibilty to charge. This is why our customer developed the idea of a mobile spare can for electrical cars. Within 7 weeks we build a functional prototype out of this idea.


synGUARD is a special thermal shield sheet out of a high-temperature resistant fibre reinforced material. It is attached at gas turbine for example to protect sensitive parts against radiant heat.


In the interior of a mega-yacht circulates a waterwall which is almost 5m high and 1m wide. With the help of a nozzle which we developed for this particular case a constant water film is generated on a classy stone and runs from a spillway basin into a collection pan.


synBAG is a pneumatic locking concept for gas turbines of our customer EnBW. synBAG is inserted in a star bearing inside the intake line of a turbine. Because of the close-contour production and the pneumatic support the synBAG closes the intake reliable to protect the turbine while it is not operating. synBAG is very compact and can be placed in the turbine through a manway opening. Enabled by the concept and the implementation a conservation of the turbine with synBAG is profitable even at short nonoperation periods. 


Contact us. We develop your induvidual solution flexible and pragmatically.